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By Air : Druk Air , the only Bhutans National Carrier, operates regular flight from Delhi, Bangkok, Kolkatta, Katmandu, Yangaon and Dhaka. For more information please visit its website Drukair.com.bt.
By Road : Entry and Exit to Bhutan is possible through Phuntsholing, Gaylephu and Samdrupjongkhar. From the boarder of Bhutan and India.

Comfortable warm cloths and soft soled shoes is recommended to travel to Bhutan. The climate varies due to the altitude differences. The formal dress is needed while visiting the religious places, temples and while having appointment with the officials of the country. Remember to bring your basic necessities like cream, sunglasses, cameras etc..
Red rice and ema dates is the Bhutanese special cuisine. Besides the Bhutanese were also trained in preparing the international foods in restaurants and hotels to suite every taste and budget.
Around two third of the population of Bhutan practice Drukpa Kagyupa and Ningmapa Buddhism, both of which are the disciplines of Mahayana Buddhism. And one third of the population is Nepali and they practice Hinduism. Non religious group practice Christian, both Roman Catholic and Protestant.
Bhutans unit of currency is the ngultrum (Nu.) 100 chetrum is equal to one Ngultrum. The Ngultrum is fixed to the value of Indian rupee. The exchange of US$ to the Ngultrum can be done in every banks of Bhutan all over Bhutan.


BHUTAN 'The enchanted kingdom where happiness is more than a dream' is a small Himalayan landlocked country situated in the eastern slopes of the Himalayan range with China in the north and Indian states of Bengal and Assam in the south, Sikkim in the west and Arunachal Pradesh in the east. It is th


The minimum daily tariff with effect from 2010 is US $ 250 per person per night halt for peak months (February - May and August - December) and US$ 200 per person per night halt for regular months ( January, June and July ). There is no surcharge for more than 3 persons. The above tariff covers ....readmore


VISA FOR BHUTAN : A visa is required to travel to Bhutan except for the visitors from India, Bangladesh and Maldives. It must be applied through a licensed Bhutanese tour operator phenkeyadv@gmail.com or one of their international partners to pre-arrange their visa and book their holiday.Visas are

National Animal

Takin Takins were named as National Animal of Bhutan in 1985. There were two spices, the brown and golden Takin. It is the rare animal found at high altitudes in Bhutan, Burma and China but Bhutan is the only country in the world where Golden Takin exi