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Takins were named as National Animal of Bhutan in 1985. There were two spices, the brown and golden Takin. It is the rare animal found at high altitudes in Bhutan, Burma and China but Bhutan is the only country in the world where Golden Takin exists in its natural habitat.
Takins is different looking animal. It has goats head and cows body. As they lie on the ground and chew the cud their eyes are gentle, muzzles are long with tongue that slap against their nose as they lick. When they get up they have thick neck and back arched in the middle and sloping downwards towards tail. Their legs are short and thick and they have long clove hoofs and raised withers. They look clumsy and stiff when they walk. There were two spices, the brown and golden Takin.

The Takins live in cliff and rocky places where it is difficult for human to reach. The golden Takins are found high up in the Punakha valley, above slate mines in Wangduephodrang, Pelela pass , north of Bumthang and Trongsa. The brown takins were found in mountains of Trashigang.
Since Takin live at high altitudes, they graze on the medicinal plants found in those areas. Their blood is considered a good medicine for heart diseases, the horns and meats are medicinal properties. The little Takins horn is taken by women to make child birth easier.


BHUTAN 'The enchanted kingdom where happiness is more than a dream' is a small Himalayan landlocked country situated in the eastern slopes of the Himalayan range with China in the north and Indian states of Bengal and Assam in the south, Sikkim in the west and Arunachal Pradesh in the east. It is th


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ACCESSIBILITY: By Air : Druk Air , the only Bhutans National Carrier, operates regular flight from Delhi, Bangkok, Kolkatta, Katmandu, Yangaon and Dhaka. For more information please visit its website Drukair.com.bt. By Road : Entry and Exit to Bhutan is possible through Phuntsholing, Gaylep


VISA FOR BHUTAN : A visa is required to travel to Bhutan except for the visitors from India, Bangladesh and Maldives. It must be applied through a licensed Bhutanese tour operator phenkeyadv@gmail.com or one of their international partners to pre-arrange their visa and book their holiday.Visas are